Monday, December 12, 2016

Week 100: Making Good Use of the Time I Have Left

I was saying goodbye to people we taught and friends and we finally had just entered a local internet to write to you all when suddenly one of my converts called saying they would be gone come our appointment so we left right away so I could say goodbye to them. We just got back so I have 30 minutes to write!

I actually don't give shots or anything like that, but there is one missionary who has given shots due to his past job as a nurse so he gave me a shot once.

Yes, I am sure that I won't need money. I have enough just in case there is an emergency, so I am all good. Plus my great companion gave me $20 sols which is like five dollars, that way I can buy lunch at the airport if I want. I will make sure that I leave room to eat with you all at the restaurant after I am released!!

I have been with Elder C (from Peru) for about 7 weeks now. He is a great guy. A good friend and a wonderful companion. Elder C knows his away around our area so he will do just great. Besides, he will be removed from the area for a week or two until they can find a new companion for him so he won't have anything to worry about until next year. No one else has changes/transfers besides me and those of my group!

Oh no!!! Is grandma doing alright?? That's too scary mom, falls like that at her age can turn for the worst!! How wonderful of her to think of and honor God as she did despite the trials she faced. I hope she will be able to come for the wedding!! That would be sad if she couldnt come.

Well, Ive got to go back to being a missionary. Just one more week of this lifestyle to enjoy so I best make good use of it. Love you all so much, talk with you here soon!!!

Elder Perez

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