Monday, November 28, 2016

Week 98: Glad The Stake Forwarded My Itinerary

Last Monday we were really tied down running mission errands from place to place. Today as well come to think of it. This time we left earlier though and now we are writing and fixing things up for next week. 

Unfortunately, they cut off our water which really stinks. We have had to bath with water bottles. It is really chilly right now too which makes things worse. Oh well, besides all that things are cool here finishing up the mission. 

Sorry to hear that you guys didn't get that email from the mission office. I'm glad that brother Evans told you that my group is flying home a week earlier than you originally thought. I am also glad that he forwarded my flight itinerary that the stake president received otherwise that would have been a bummer.

I will let you all know if there is anything else cool that happens to me in these last few weeks of the mission, who knows what will happen. 

Love you!!!
Elder Perez
The R.M.
Image result for The R.M. (2003) movie
The mission office had both Robin and I's email address wrong. This made me think of the movie The R.M.. I attached a link below of the movie trailer. Here is a little write up on the trailer so you will understand why I thought of this movie. 
"Now that his mission has come to an end, Jared is ready to return to normal life and all of the perks that come with it. He has a beautiful girlfriend, a great job, a loving family, a chance to go to a prestigious university and his trusty old car all waiting for him. Now he can reap the many blessings of his obedient and faithful service. Or so he thinks.The disappointment starts when he steps off the airplane to find that his family has mistaken the date of his return and there is no one waiting for him. The surprises don't stop there. His family has moved, there is a Tongan exchange student sleeping in his bedroom, and - of course - his girlfriend is engaged." Enjoy!!

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