Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 95: Great Peruvian Companion!

My week went by wonderfully. My companion is a good guy from Peru and is pretty new out on his mission. I like the guy and we have good conversations. I made food almost everyday this week for us to eat and I shared everything that I made with him.

The baptism last week went wonderfully and the ward was super surprised this past Sunday when the bishop announced her as the newest member of the ward. She has been attending for about 4 years without progress and with us in a matter of two weeks she was baptized. Miracles am I right? Still not sure what to do about school and I just hope that whatever I decide on does not determine too much of my future.

I still don't know how I will be finishing up my mission here. Though it is sounding pretty sold about a third missionary coming with us so that Elder C. won't be left without a companion come my time to leave. Its all pretty exciting. I don't know what to expect for these last few weeks.

We won't be able to go touring this time around due to new rules on the mission, but we will go to the Guatemalan zoo before I go which sounds fun. I bought a few things at the central market today. We went as a zone for our activity. It was fun!

The weather right now is really really sunny, but it rains every now and then, and at night it is crazy cold, to me at least. I can't imagine the weather back home I would die.

I am happy that everyone is getting married back home. That takes the pressure off of me to marry soon. I guess I can live through my bachelor life worry free.

Well I got to go, things are crazy busy here, but I guess that's just normal for me now.

Hugs and kisses,
Elder Perez

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