Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 92: Missionary Work Is Keeping Us Busy!

Hey Mom, 

Oh my word, my niece's hair is just so curly! So cute those kids. I hope they won't be scared of me by the time I get back...

Your going to have to log on to the FAFSA for me because I don't have my social security number. If you could do that for me then I would be so very grateful. Sorry, my emails have been so short these last few Mondays due to my email time being cut in half. I have to look into classes and all that plus write you all a decent letter. Here are some pictures you should enjoy though.

Loves you so much!!!
Elder Perez
Elder Perez standing by a treat he enjoys with his last name "Sangu Chín Pérez."

I guess toilets have more than one use :)
Beautiful Guatemala on P-day

Wonderful ward members help by signing up to feed the Elder Perez and his companion dinner.
Looks delicious!!

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