Monday, October 31, 2016

Week 94: We Had a Baptism!!

Well the baptism went by wonderfully!! I couldn't be happier to have performed the ordinance. I was a little shocked at first when ward members didn't show up except the bishop. It turns out that the sister wanted it to be a private affair with just family. 

I am getting along really well with this ward and my new companion. He has 6 months on the mission and is very innocent, as a missionary should be. To tell you the truth, it almost makes me laugh how pure he is. I feel like I've become some pessimistic old man here in Guatemala. It does look as if I will be finishing my mission here in Santa Elena, unless my mission president sends me to another place to finish in trio. It sounds as if everyone from my group is going to be put into a trio because we all are going home two weeks earlier then normal for Christmas and our companions need to stay together until the 27th of December.

Lets see, what I have learned about myself. Well for starters, I speak Spanish pretty dang well. As for spiritually, I know that my Father in Heaven is always ready and willing to help me. All I need to do is put in my part and the blessings will come. I have found that the gospel is so much more simple than the majority of people make it to be. There is no big secrets in this work, just obedience and sincerity. I have room for improvement in those two areas, but I find great comfort in knowing that once on those paths I can't go wrong. 

I'm sorry to hear that you didn't get anything on the hunt dad, that must have been frustrating. With grandpa getting an antelope does that mean we will all try a bite of antelope meat during the holidays? 

Oh, so my recently purchased shoes of three months ago got totally destroyed last Friday. I am currently wearing some borrowed old tennis shoes from a missionary here in the zone. Do you think you could send me some money through Western Union by Wednesday? If at all possible. Oh, and you can take it right out of my personal account so no worries. 

Sure do love you all. Hope you enjoy your Halloween back state side. Eat a Butterfinger for me!!

Elder Perez

Monday, October 24, 2016

Week 93: An Investigator Made My Day!

The missionary work is going well. I guess the best thing that happened to me this week was when the sister we have been teaching asked me to baptize her. That made my day.

Dad sure does love you mom, doesn't he. What pretty flowers he gave you. Way to go on getting healthier mom, that is amazing! The photo of great grandpa Daily is super cool as well! Thanks so much for your support and prayers mom, it means alot to me!

Dad, I hope that you guys enjoy the hunting trip! You and grandpa must be rocking the beards! I will be sure to pray for you guys out on the hunt. Things here are going well, just working with this ward and teaching our investigators as always. I wish I could send you all photos but my camera has a does not work any more... Got to go for now dad, good luck out there in the hills!!!!

Well I have got to go save the Guatemalan world here!

Sure do love you all!
Elder Perez

Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 92: Missionary Work Is Keeping Us Busy!

Hey Mom, 

Oh my word, my niece's hair is just so curly! So cute those kids. I hope they won't be scared of me by the time I get back...

Your going to have to log on to the FAFSA for me because I don't have my social security number. If you could do that for me then I would be so very grateful. Sorry, my emails have been so short these last few Mondays due to my email time being cut in half. I have to look into classes and all that plus write you all a decent letter. Here are some pictures you should enjoy though.

Loves you so much!!!
Elder Perez
Elder Perez standing by a treat he enjoys with his last name "Sangu Chín Pérez."

I guess toilets have more than one use :)
Beautiful Guatemala on P-day

Wonderful ward members help by signing up to feed the Elder Perez and his companion dinner.
Looks delicious!!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 91: I Have a Talented Guatemalan Companion!

Dad! Out and about with gramps huh? How fun! I am sure he loves spending time with you. What is he up to now a days? Do you think grandpa would be up for a hunting trip when I get back? What is everyone else up to back home, any ward news?

My companion is great. He is a funny Guatemalan that likes to sing hymns a lot. I feel like I will be able to finish up well.

What a good lesson mom, thanks for sharing. I will be sure to follow your advice. My new companion is a Guatemalan with the same time as me, we just might be going home at the same time! The area is actually really big here and we found out the Guatemala's high security prison is actually down the mountain side from us. I don't think we will be preaching there, but the ex-president Perez Molin is there which would be cool to see. Anyway thank my sister and thank you for all your hard work with helping with the university. I really appreciate that. I don't have much more to do on the computer now, just in November when I get to plan out my classes.

Well got to go, sure do love you!
Elder Perez
My Guatemalan companion who likes to 
sing and is a great artist.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Week 90: I Really Enjoyed General Conference!

Glad you guys enjoyed conference, I did too. I liked Elder Cooks talk, I think it was him at least, during the Saturday afternoon session.

I am going to be getting a new companion tomorrow and I am a little nervous about it to tell you the truth. President called me and I need to go to the office today to receive more instruction on who will be coming with me. 

My best friend on the mission, Elder Hockett, is going home Wednesday and I teared up when we said goodbye. I wish we had been able to spend more time together and what not, but as missionaries that's really not possible.

While filling out my BYU-Idaho application today it just had me confirm my information and give a little information about my mission, they didn't even have me go through all the steps like they used to. I guess they are just going to use the old essays I wrote a while back. I have to have some information to continue with the process and I cannot get online everyday. I do have permission to see this through. I believe I just need the endorsement from my mission president and it looks like everything is good to go. If you all could just review the information and maybe type in my social if you want, that's all I had missing and it's not even required.

Anyhow, love you all a ton and thanks for all you guys do. Write you next week and I hope to send off those photos I've taken. Let me know if anything comes up or if I missed a step.

Thank you all so much!!
Elder Perez

Here is a link to Elder Cook's talk that Elder Perez liked so much.