Monday, September 5, 2016

Week 86: Opening a New Area Is Never Easy, But It's Always Fun!

Well opening an area never is easy, but it is always fun. I am just hoping that I stay here for these last four months of my mission. I don't really like moving around and I would be pretty sad if I was changed to a new area right before December. 

This area was closed for about 4 weeks before we arrived, but the members sure have been a big help. It sure is nice to be welcomed when you are new to an area. One member couple gave us dinner and showed us around the neighborhood which was really nice of them. Another member family made us a traditional Ukrainian dish (the mother is from there). It was super cool for me to talk with here since both of us are speaking a second language.

All has been going well here. We are going to the gym daily and I am feeling a lot better about myself because of it. We are a lot stronger as a zone here and we do stuff together regularly. Elder H is a great leader and really is doing a fantastic job here. We started from the bottom up here, but now we have some really good investigators who could possible be baptized!

Please give everyone who has gotten married or is getting married soon congratulations on my part.

Got to go, love you all!!
Elder Perez
This member family made us a traditional Ukranian good!

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