Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 87: My Peruvian Companion Is A Great Example To Me

My companion is from Lima Peru and has about 15 months on the mission. He is a convert of three years and a great example to me. I told him about President Blunck and described him and his wife. He is pretty sure that he knew him when he was serving as mission president in Peru. 

I haven't been sight seeing lately, but I have felt like a true explorer in this area. We cover a huge amount of area. We live in a really nice neighborhood on top of a hill. We have to walk a ton to make it to all of our appointments. It is totally worth it for the exercise and all. Also, most of the members live nearby and we almost always have a dinner appointment at night to wrap up the day.

This past week here has been good. My companion and I are still going to the church gym regularly and we are really seeing the results of our workouts. I have started up that protein powder I had been saving and I am feeling a lot better about my health. I drink the protein for breakfast and I am drinking more water. Members have been kind enough to feed us about every other day. 

I hope Lauren and dad have a great birthday celebration and party! I wish I could be there, but it is better that I don't eat cake right now, trying to cut out sweets from my diet. Way to go Mom and Krysten, tag teaming dads birthday breakfast like that. I am sure it was great! Hope Lexie and her family get well soon, it's no fun being sick.

I'm glad to hear that David and Lauren have decided on a real date, even though they were pressured into picking one. Oh well, a little pressure is good every now and then right? Well I guess I will be able to see the wedding and all, so that's really cool! 

The new ward found out that I play piano and they enlisted my help yesterday. They have a pianist and all, but they want us to take turns playing. Anyway the wards piano is pretty crummy. I had to play the songs one or two octaves higher than written because the keys were so bad. If I stay here until my last month I will most likely give away my keyboard to this ward. I will be sure to send photos next week!

Sure do love you all!!!
Elder Perez
My old companion Elder H is my zone leader now! Just got done with exercising.

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