Monday, August 29, 2016

Week 85: New Area and New Companion!

It's been a tough first week here opening up the area because we started from zero but we are up to the challenge. It's a cool city called Santa Elena located in zone 18. I knew I would get sent back to zona 18 again. Third times a charm. I am close to the first area I served in on my mission, yet it is completely different here. There is not much to do here on p-days, which is quite a change from the city life I was used to before, but I am okay with it because I like the area. 

There is a lot of area to tract and explore. The ward is super and the members are really nice people. The members have given us food everyday this first week because our house was literally empty with nothing to eat inside the fridge.

We have the goal to pass by (visit) one member each day to get to know the ward and the needs within it. We have gotten lost a few times while learning the area and getting to know the people, but it's been an adventure. The area is very hilly and we walk a ton here which is good for me.

My new companion is Elder A from Peru and he is a great guy. Elder H is my zone leader now! He has five weeks left on his mission and I couldn't be happier to see him off. I am going to miss that guy when he leaves!

My companion and I have mostly been contacting day by day and have managed to find a few new investigators. I miss my old area and the friends I made there, but I am very excited for what awaits us here.

Elder Perez
My old companion Elder H is my Zone Leader now!!
Our Church Building
The area is very hilly and we walk a ton here
which is good for me.
Great view!

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