Monday, August 22, 2016

Week 84: Saying Goodbye is Hard

We said our goodbyes to our convert friends and to JL who was my best friend here in zone 1. I am going to miss him a ton! Tomorrow I will be leaving to a new area, possibly the last area I will be serving in on my mission.

That's awesome that all the family, extended family and his friends were able to give gramps an early surprise 80th birthday party. Do send me pictures when the antelope hunt is on? It is crazy to think about going home here soon. I feel as if I have completely changed from who I was before the mission.

I have a ton of gifts for you all come Christmas time, one suit case is full of fun presents. I am running on a treadmill every day. I feel so much better and I am glad to be in the area especially because my old companion Elder H is now my zone leader!!! We have such a good time together!

Thanks for your prayers and thoughts. I sure do miss you all. I often ask myself, "What would dad do in a situation like this?" Well I am trying to finish up strong. Thank you so very much for your advice and the scripture you shared with me dad. I have meditated on that same subject for awhile now, ever since you first shared your experience with me a few months again. I will be sure to read and re-read that chapter in Alma 31 in the Book of Mormon.

I love you all!
Elder Perez

Saying goodbye to our converts
JL was my best friend here in zone 1.

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