Monday, August 15, 2016

Week 83: Re-reading the Book of Mormon as a Companionship

Our zones got together to play soccer. I didn't play with the zone today because I was feeling sick, but it was fun to watch the others play and I met up with a lot of friends from other zones. We had a great time and everyone kept playing even through it began to rain. The zone is all wet now, but I stayed dry!!

Lets see, highlights of the week include building a tin house with some members down in the cliff of our area. No worries, there are stairs there it's just a big hole in the ground. We also stopped by all the members homes and invited everyone to re-read the Book of Mormon as a family just like President Hinckley challenged us to do a few years back. Our mission president is inviting all to do the same and to read two chapters a day as a family to bring the spirit into their homes. We have begun reading the Book of Mormon over again as a companionship as well and are learning a whole lot from our studies.

The zone leaders held an emergency exchange with us to check if our apartment was in order. I went to their area and my companion stayed in our area. Well funny enough, we had just deep cleaned the house and I packed up all of my personal belongings in case I get changed in a week, so the place was spotless and super neat. I had even hand washed laundry and the dishes. Of course we didn't know about the exchanges for the day so I am very grateful our apartment passed inspection. 

Mom and dad I'm so happy that you two are able to go to Canada and have a good time together. You both sure did deserve a fun trip. Congratulations on the 29 yrs of marriage. That is a very impressive thing! 

Thanks for your prayers and thoughts. I sure do miss you all. I often think, "What would dad do in a situation like this?" Well I am trying to finish up strong. 

Sure do love you all!
Elder Perez
Our Zones got together to play soccer 
I didn't play because I was feeling sick, but it was
fun watching everyone else play

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