Monday, August 8, 2016

Week 82: We Have an Amazing Ward Mission Leader

You would be super proud of me mom. I have become quite the pro with hand washing my laundry, the house we live in is cleaner than it ever has been before, and I have saved mission money so that I can buy a higher quality shampoo and soap and it really has made a difference. 

Elder C and I have had some unforgettable experiences together and have really picked up the area despite how huge it is. It turns out that our whole area is like 20 blocks by 20 something blocks. It is so big it makes my brain hurt. We have finally been exploring the cliff areas were people live. It's like everyone just built stairs leading down a cliff and a ton of people live there in tin houses. It's awesome and people are a lot nicer down there. The sight from up top is awesome as well. I am super impressed by what people can do together. I will send a pic of the scene next week.

We have been stopping by as often as we can to visit the new converts we baptized. It's a little harder now because we are still expected to find new people to teach as well as re-teach all the lessons to these new converts. My companion likes to be pretty goofy sometimes which is fun. During the last visit we made he danced a little jig with the kids. Everyone was impressed because he is actually a really good dancer. 

This weekend our mission leader went out with us as normal. That guy never looses his interest in missionary work. He is a real example to me and sure has helped me rethink things as a missionary. Well we found a new family which went through a very difficult trial. We contacted them Wednesday but couldn't teach them because there was no man in the house. Our ward mission leader came with us for the appointment Saturday, and it turns out that the husband passed away the day before on Friday which was super sad. We taught his wife about the plan of salvation and shared our testimonies of Jesus Christ and of the atonement he made so that one day we will all be resurrected and live again. 

Much more happened over the week, but I have got to go. Talk with you all next week.

Love yous all a ton!!!
Elder Perez

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