Monday, July 25, 2016

Week 80: Four Baptisms Planned for Next Week!

This week went by a little slower than the other one did. Mostly because all of the appointments that fell through. We made good progress with our contacts and in working the area. All that is left is to find those people prepared to listen to us. I sure don't feel like I am senior companion with Elder C due to how much of the work load we both share. Feels like we have the same amount of responsibility. 

We are trying to strengthen up this area the best we can, though at times it is really challenging. I know that things will work out if I just continue to work hard. My companion helps me because he makes me laugh at times. He is a jokester and tells me to repent for everything I do. Ha, ha, ha!

A lot of investigators celebrated birthdays this week and so we ran around from house to house gifting out 3 dollar cakes to each of them. One of the younger ones had a birthday clown performing at their house when we arrived and the father made me participate in the joke. The clown made me do the chicken dance and all the kids had a good laugh.

Next week we have 4 baptisms planned out which is really going to keep us occupied. Three of them asked me to perform the baptism which really makes me nervous. I have never baptized anyone before and all of a sudden I get to do three at once!! The ward seems really excited about these baptisms. Especially since two of them are 8 years old. I sure am proud of the mom and older boy that will be baptized too. They really have been working at this and have a true desire to learn about our father in heaven and to strengthen their families.

That's about all I have to say this week. 

Love you all!!
Elder Perez
Look What We Have!
A Cool New Pet!
Elder Perez's Companion Elder C.
Wow this companion is actually taller than Elder Perez.

Washing his cloths by hand
Wool Coat Elder Perez Bought

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