Monday, July 4, 2016

Week 77: New Companion! Happy Fourth of July!

On Monday I was allowed to work in my area during divisions with one of my zone leaders Elder F. We actually had a really good time together catching up and joking around in English. We found some of Elder R's dirty under garments in the house while we were cleaning up so we burned them. They smoked a whole ton and the fire alarm went off inside our house even though we were burning them outside. But thanks to all our cleaning the house looked brand new! I felt like I was in college again as I took the opportunity to rearrange the furniture in the house to my liking.

My new companion Elder C is from Honduras and is the very successful district leader of a nearby area. He has one year on his mission and has already baptized 22 people. Teaching with him sure is different then the other companions I have been with, but still our purpose is the same. It's been kinda fun for me since I get to lead out in everything as I teach him the area. There is no guarantee that I will stay with him after changes next week so I need to teach him everything about the area!

We already have jumped up our regular weekly dates and have several investigators who have accepted a date to be baptized. The one I am most excited about is Enrique a 7 yr old boy we have been teaching since I first arrived here, his brother was baptized by Elder DLC awhile back. Anyway he is turning 8 at the end of this month and has asked me to baptize him! He is the first person who has every asked me to perform their baptismal ordinance so I really hope I stay.

I am finally cured from my sickness, though some residual after effects are still lingering. President Crapo held a mission wide meeting with all of us giving us further instruction on health and the dangers of the Zika Virus which the mosquitos here carry. I guess it is pretty dangerous (Guatemala is on Alert Level 2, Individuals Are to Practice Enhanced Precautions). Three of our Elders in this zone are down sick with it so it's pretty important to take extra precautions here.

I have doubled my productivity each night by catching up on all the dirty laundry from these last few weeks. I also have been waking up 30 minutes earlier now to get a jump start on the day.

I sure do love you all and hope you guys have a great fourth of July!!

Elder Perez

Elder C and Elder Perez

Pretty Small Hammock Elder Perez

Happy Fourth of July!!

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