Monday, June 27, 2016

Week 76: We Had A Baptism!!! Companion Finishes Mission

A lot happened here these last few days and to be honest I am still recovering from it all. Well, for starters we have been teaching a 7 yr old boy the missionary lessons. His family is less active but they have recently begun attending church again. His birthday was coming up and they wanted to celebrate it with his baptism. Well we were not informed of this until this week. That meant we had to stop by his home everyday to try to teach him a missionary discussion in a way that he would understand to help him prepare for baptism. 

Normally we wouldn't be assigned to teach a child the discussions but because of how long the family has been inactive he was treated like a new investigator. So needless to say that was very stressful. Then to make the week even more jammed packed my companion had one of his final interviews with President Crapo. He was given a list that all missionaries who are about to finish their mission receive. It asks the missionary several questions about their future goals, spiritual experiences, and characteristic they want to bring into a marriage, which every good return missionary should work towards. I had to help my companion with all that before his final interview. Saturday finally came around and some how we managed to pull the baptism together! This makes 20 baptisms for my companion here on his mission. Sunday afternoon my companion had his final interview with president.

During my companion's final interview he expressed the desire to start right up with his schooling ASAP. He told President that he would still be able to enroll in a summer semester of college if he went home a week early. Well, we still have two weeks of the change (transfer) left at this point, but President decided to give him permission to go home right away to prepare for college and to give him a little bit of time to spend with his family before the semester starts up. This was a bit of a shock, my companion packed up everything this morning and they put me with the zone leaders today! He should be leaving for home today or tomorrow, and of course he is going home with honors! I am so very happy for him but I'm still stunned at how little time I had to say goodbye. 

President says that my new companion will come tomorrow to fill in for Elder R as district leader and I will continue working in the area. Anyway that's about all I can say, the week's just been a blur for me.

I love you a ton everyone!!
Elder Perez
Elder Perez, 8 year old who was baptized, Elder R
Great kid, it was an honor to teach him.

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