Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 74: New Favorite Soup Doesn't Sit Well!

Before writing you all this morning my companion and I stopped by the central market to do some shopping. We ran into both Elder DLC and Elder H. They share the same zone and as today's activity All of there zone received permission to shop in our area. Elder H is a zone leader now and is having great success. It was great seeing both of them.

Last week I had a very condiment packed soup called Pepian soup. It was delicious and has become a quick new favorite of mine. Unfortunately, my stomach did not agree. Since I ate the soup I have suffered quite a lot. I called up the nurses and they told me what medication to take. That helped, though I think some of the after effects of the soup curse are still present. Needless to say I wasn't able to eat much during the week which set me back a little bit, mostly because of all the good food I missed out on throughout the week. First a dinner at a members house and then a pizza party with the zone after planning meeting. Anyhow, despite the discomfort of being ill we had some fun over the week.

A member of my old ward in Alameda contacted me on Thursday. He was in the area and wanted to catch up over lunch. My companion had also served in Alameda so we had a good reunion.

Aw mom, so sorry you had to get so sick with a stomach flu. I so empathize with you. Thanks for sharing one of your missionary memories dad. I love hearing about how you were as a missionary.

We went on divisions/splits with some Elders that live nearby. I went with Elder S. again which was great fun. We always have a blast when we are together. It was nice getting to know his area and investigators. We had a wonderful lesson with a women who wants to get baptized, but unfortunately her circumstances won't allow it. She has great faith despite her trials and I am sure that once all is resolved she will become a strong member of the church.

I most likely will have a baptism this Saturday so I will send you pictures of that next week if all goes well. I hope that both you and I heal up next week. I agree that it sure is no fun to be sick.

Love you all lots!
Elder Perez
The Presidential House
Beautiful Catholic Church

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