Monday, May 30, 2016

Week 72: Stake Conference Was Great!

The surprise with changes is that there were none. Not one person left the zone with the exception of our zone leader who finished his mission. I will be here for another two changes, which is fine by me, because my companion has 6 weeks left and then I will need to teach another elder the area. I will stay serving here for at least two changes (transfers) if not more. It's a cool area and there is a lot of people here so there is plenty of work to be done. 

My hope is that sometime within my last few changes I get sent back outside of the capital. I served outside the capital for such a short time and I would like serve there again. I have 6 changes (transfers) left so there is plenty of time.

My companion and I have been talking a lot more about how we can be unified as companions. At times on p-days we are divided and talk with different groups of elders. So in an attempt to bring the two groups together we want to try a zone activity to one of the local museums (probably the train one I went to awhile ago). We have to have permission from the zone leaders of course but we will see when an activity such as that one can be done. Besides that we get along fine during the week. The house is still pretty clean and despite some dirty laundry I still have to wash, all is in order. 

We have been working with the progressing investigators we currently have and Friday we celebrated our converts 12th birthday. We bought him a box of cookie mix as a present. He and his siblings couldn't wait and ended up opening up the mix to eat the chocolate chips. They still haven't made up the dough so we might stop by next week to help them out. 

We had stake conference Saturday and Sunday, which was great. President and Sister Crapo came and spoke on Sunday. Several interesting things happened during or after the conference. 

Our stake president had us all stand up in front of the congregation and he talked about the members role in the missionary work. He told us that we must know and testify of the plan of salvation and the gospel of Jesus Christ to both members and investigators. 

After the conference a women came up to me asking if I remembered her. Given how many areas I was in this last year and my horrible memory I didn't remember her. She told me that she was one of the cleaning ladies in the CCM while I was there. I was amazed that she remembered me. She said, "I saw you up there during the stake presidents talk and I thought, oh he is still alive!" That made me laugh. We had never really talked much in the CCM but I did try my best while I was there to talk with the workers. I remembered a few of the men workers by name and I asked her how they were doing. She said they were fine and that she would send them my regards. It made me feel good that after a year and a half someone remembers me. I really need to get better about memorizing others names. 

As we left the stake center another women approached us, this time to talk with my companion. It turned out to be his Aunt who's been living here in Guatemala for the last 15 years. He hasn't seen her since 5 years ago and so it was a sweet and unexpected reunion. She didn't hug him which I thought would have been impossible for me if a family member happened to run into me here. Anyway he said it was the best surprise to finish off his mission.

Do take care of your health mom, glad you are all better!
What great photos of the wedding couples. Best wishes to them both!

Love you all!! 

Elder Perez

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