Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 71: We Set up Appointments While Going on a Wild Goose Chase

So the zone went to play football (soccer) again. I just threw around the Frisbee with another Elder. It looks like that's the plan for today as well. Boy, we have played a lot of this last change (transfer). If I've got changes elsewhere I will most likely just go shopping that final p-day.

The week started out crazy hot and our resolve to do exercise despite the heat. Then after a few days of hard exercise the weather took a turn for the worst and literally began dumping buckets of rain on us. So we don't go out to exercise anymore. Though the rain has not slowed down our work as missionaries. We have extended two new baptismal invitations and are hopeful for the upcoming baptism of a family of three.

One of our more relaxed evenings we decided to go buy ourselves an ice cream cone. Before doing that we stopped by a tienda (store). I asked Elmer, the manager there, what flavor of ice cream he wanted (he and I are good friends). We came back with ice cream in hands and were all enjoying the treat and were joking around when suddenly we heard a loud crash and a helmet went flying into the tienda (store). Looking outside there was a man on the ground bleeding pretty badly and his motorcycle was laying battered by him. Our Bishop happened to be there parked on the side and saw the whole thing. I guess the guy was driving fast and a little reckless (probably had been drinking too) and took a turn too wide and hit the side of the bishop's parked car. His helmet wasn't properly on so it went flying and he was unconscious for several minutes. About 50 people gathered around to see what was going on, and in 5 minutes an ambulance arrived. It was a pretty crazy experience and I was sad we couldn't have helped the guy but he was really hurt so bad that nobody dared touch him.

We had divisions (splits) Friday and I was left in charge of the area as normal. Elder S from Utah was sent with me for the day and we had a blast together. We did a lot of contacting and found one new person to teach which is always exciting. We were also sent on a wild goose chase trying to find a person off a referral we received from Salt Lake. The direction was incomplete and vague so we ended up tracting down commercial street asking around for an Antonio something or such. We had some good conversations due to that and we also ended up setting a few appointments with people!

Elder R and I took time in the week to deep clean the house again. We really got things in order again and afterwards I tried my hand at making fried rice. Oil was splattering everywhere until my companion came and fixed everything. Fortunately, the rice turned out wonderfully.

That's about all I can recall from last week that was noteworthy.

Much love,
Elder Perez

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