Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 70: Interview With Our Mission President

Last Monday we played soccer in the stake center, the others convinced me to play as goalkeeper even though I'm not very good. Well after being scored on several times I got sick of it and switched out with a forward. I then proceeded to play a bit rough to keep them all from scoring. I'm not one to get competitive but that day was the exception. Well I never scored but I sure did tire myself out. Come our next reunion I went and apologized for getting too aggressive with the game to our leaders. I don't think I will play today, instead I brought my Frisbee.

Our zone had interviews with the President this week, as we normally do every other month. While talking with President we began planning out my last few months here on the mission and what not. I seems as if President might send  everyone from my group home a little earlier then planned so we can all celebrate Christmas with our families. That would be amazing, though it's not yet set in stone.

We had a youth in the ward who received her missionary package yesterday. She was very excited to open it. She will be going to El Salvador in a month or so. It feels weird seeing others open and read out their callings only because I had you all read me mine over Skype. I liked it better that way though. Everyone always asks me what I thought when I read called to serve in “Guatemala.” I tell them I thought it was somewhere in Mexico.

We now have a new missionary couple here in the ward, Elder and Hermana (sister) Hill. They are the secretaries to President Duncan and will only be assisting the ward when they can. They are from Utah and it was fun talking a little bit with them. Another person from the states stopped by the ward Sunday. He is a doctor who performs specialized procedures for children in poorer countries free of charge. A sister in the ward absolutely loves him and what he is doing. I guess they are long time friends. Anyway I overheard the conversation between him and Elder Hill after the service. It feels weird to hear people speak in English, the conversations seems almost too easy to understand.

That's all I can remember from the week for now, loves!
Elder Perez

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