Monday, May 2, 2016

Week 68: I Have a Habit of Knocking On Beautifully Carved Wooden Doors

Our first P-day here was a football (soccer) tournament. I forgot to bring a change of cloths so I just watched the tournament as I talked with the other Elders who weren't playing. The zone is really cool, we have a few new elders straight from the CCM. One is from Brazil and already speaks Spanish. His accent is thick though. We mostly talked about his life and what led him to serving a mission, what a fun guy.

My companion was in heaven playing football all day. I guess it's been months since he was able to get a real match going. And boy is he good. Well by the time they finished up is was time to go home and get to work. Today though is going to be a lot more chill of a p-day, we have planned to visit some of the nearby shopping centers for new ties.

This past week went by a little slower for me. My companion has got the hang of the area so now we take turns leading out in lessons and planning and what not. Things go by fast when your in charge, and slower when your not. But it's a good mix. We teach well together and our personalities are unique which keeps things interesting.

When I get super bored with tracting or when it is really hot I start looking for cool houses to contact. There are several wooden doors that are beautifully carved here and there throughout the area, so I make it a habit to knock on them. Interesting people live behind old wooden doors. My companion laughs every time we go to knock on one. We will be in mid conversation when it catches my eye and I blurt out, linda puerta (beautiful door) and walk right up to it. Usually they are across the street so I have to wait for my companion before knocking. He gets a kick out of this habit.

We stopped by the family of a new investigators that showed up at church last week. They are really awesome. They accepted a baptismal date and we will be working with them in preparation for it. Besides them we only have a handful of new investigators to teach. Fortunately, the investigators we are teaching are all really progressing. Otherwise we can be found with members or less actives.

We got mixed up Thursday with our appointments and our schedules and went to the ward FHE activity a day early. Funny enough a few ward members showed up too. We told everyone to come back tomorrow and then we hurried to our next appointment.

We had received a call from one of our investigators informing us that her husband had been arrested for a pending warrant. The sister was in such a fix, she had to come up with about Q3000 for bail or they would keep him there until the trial in three months. Somehow she managed to get the money and we were able to share a lesson and give both of them some counsel.

The last few days I have gotten to know the ward so much better. That has helped us out a lot. Just yesterday we stopped by a sister's house to drop off her Liahona magazine. She is not a member but attends regularly. Her son just left on a mission to Argentina three months ago so we stopped by and got to know her. She never has been interested in baptism nor in our lessons, but this time was different. We taught her about the sacrament as we have been teaching all the members, and she brought up the topic of baptism. She said, I've been thinking about getting baptized some time in June. We can definitely help you with that, I replied. So it been amazing to witness the miracles that have been happening here.

Yesterday we were just about done with the day when our last two appointments fell through. We were with our mission leader so we all began brainstorming together about who we could visit. We all got the impression to call up a ward family who had been struggling with an illness. It turns out that they were just about to call us to ask us for a blessing. We went over and gave a blessing to the wife after sharing a short message. It was a good spiritual experience.

Much love,
Elder Perez

I have a habit of knocking on
beautifully carved wooden doors

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