Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 66: I Am Staying and My Companion is Being Transferred

Well, as expected my companion is being changed (transferred) to a new area. I stay here to teach the next district leader the area. I knew that I would stay, though this will be the first time I've ever been anywhere longer than 3 months. This was the last week before the change (transfers) so we were a little off our game because a lot of members started saying there goodbyes to my companion. 

We had divisions Friday morning right after planning. I stayed in my area while Elder DLC went to Trebol 1 to hold a baptismal interview. During divisions we got a lot done. The other missionary and I contacted a few parts of my area that I had never been to before, so it should be fun for me and my next companion to go follow up on the contacts we made.
 I already have a few appointments planned for the first 5 days, but after that my new companion and I will be planning together what we will do.

I really didn't feel very hopeful about anyone we were visiting so I will take this chance to mix things up and contact a ton to find some new investigators. I think I just didn't enjoy our current investigators much because they were too much like friends who we spent time with. There was not much progression that was being made. I have planned to go stop by the bishop home to ask his advice and find out what he expects of us this change (transfer). Hopefully we will be able to involve him more often and we will have success. 

We have been consistent with the FHE ward activities week after week and this Friday's FHE was just as good as ever. The young women were in charge this time and the lesson was great. I was on divisions that day so the other Elder got to see how we do things. I went to pick up the kids of la familia Vasquez (there 11 yr old was baptized a few weeks back). The kids got a long really well with the other Elder. On the walk home the youngest, Kique wanted to buy us something from the tienda (store). He said, what ever you two want, I'm paying. So I asked for a few little chocolate kisses and my companion asked for chips. I think he wanted to buy us something because usually on the way back from these activities my companion or I will offer to buy them something from the tienda (store). It was a sweet gesture.

Well, I am surprised the bishopric has been changed up? Man a lot has been going on back there in Oregon. 

Much love!!
Elder Perez

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