Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 65: Giant Baptism Event in My Last Area!!!

I've been a little overwhelmed with all that we have got going on lately, but I've also had fun. Last p-day I went to the central market and bought some cool tourist stuff. One thing I bought for myself was a hammock. It was $20 and is very cool. I even slept in it one night. Sent a photo of it to you. 
I wonder if the fleas in Elder Perez's mattress had anything to do with this purchase?
I think that this new flea spray that I bought is treating the fleas so they don't treat on me. It's a nice smelling Raid for gardens and indoors, I personally witnessed how quickly this stuff kills them. As hard as they are to see I was amazed to get a good look at one of them. Their mouth looks like a mosquitos mouth.

We had a multi zone meeting Tuesday with President Crapo, his wife, and the assistants. It was very good. My favorite part was an example president gave using Handel's the Messiah. He explained the story of the concert and how the funds were sent to liberate persons in debtors prison.

We have been super busy due to an invitation we received from my old companion Elder H to come participate in his zone's 12 baptisms and 2 weddings. Elder H and his companion have been working like mad over there. An old investigator requested that my current companion, Elder DLC, baptize her. That was all of our Saturday! We took the bus to the area, I knew the way since I have been on that bus a million times, and it was a really nice service. I guess 9 of the baptisms and one of the weddings was thanks to Elder H and his companion's hard work, 3 were from the sister missionaries, for a total of 12 baptisms! I was very impressed. 

I knew a few of the investigator that were being baptized because I had taught a couple of them when I was serving with Elder H. The majority of those being baptized were new investigators Elder H and his companion found. President Crapo and his wife came. It was a very crazy but beautiful event. One of the couples who got married was someone Elder H and I had contacted on the street while we were serving together. I sent the photo of me standing by them. 

I hope that everything is going well with work and stuff, much love!!

Elder Perez

PS Transfers are next week. I will let you know if my companion or I get changed.
The Center Zone
Front Row (L to R): Elder DLC & Elder Perez, President & Sister Crapo. 
Welcome to the Baptism :)
This couple who got married was someone Elder H and I had contacted in the street while we were serving together.
Couple with Elder H 
"My last companion Elder H invited my companion and I to participate in his zone's 12 baptisms and 2 weddings!" 
Elder Perez had taught a couple of those who were being baptized while he served with Elder H in his last area.
Elder DLC with investigators about to be baptized.

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