Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 64: I Enjoyed General Conference!

I enjoyed general conference too! My only complaint is that I was hot and sweating a ton because the room we were in did not have any air conditioning. My favorite talk was the very first talk that was given Saturday morning, "Where Two or Three Are Gathered", by President Henry B. Eyring, First Counselor in the First Presidency. Wow, what a way to start out the conference! 
Link to the April 2016 General Conference talks of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints:
Our prophet is President Thomas S. Monson
In between the Saturday sessions of conference we returned to our area to help out with a birthday party. It was great! some members threw their one year old a "hug party" with all the family friends and what not. I served the food to everyone and some brave guests said, "thank you" to me after receiving their food. It made me laugh because even when I am speaking Spanish they feel obligated to respond to me in English. Here is one conversation I had with a kid from our stake.
He asks: Where are you from? 
I say: The US. 
He says: But you don't speak Spanish do you? (the conversation was of course in Spanish) 
I say: A little bit. I ask him, Does your family speak Spanish? 
He says: A few of them do. 
I say: Oh, that must mean we speak English here? 
Funny kid huh?

I am proud of you too mom. Dad couldn't stop bragging about your excellent cooking during conference. I really miss your cooking. We have been busy this week what with inviting our investigators to come to general conference and what not. A few surprised us during the Sunday sessions. 

I get to share all the stresses my companion feels because he is our district leader and handles any problems that come up within our district. I would not wish such a blessing on anyone. Being a leader in the mission seems like a ton of work. We had a little bit of a situation to help out with. Two missionaries from our district have been having problems with their ward mission leader. We have been trying to help them work things out for a while. Their ward mission leader is I'm sure a well meaning guy but he deals with things in a pretty harsh way. In situations like this, the Spirit gently helps me remember that all of us have our weaknesses. 

Oh, I have not received my birthday package yet, but it will come someday...probably. It was fun to get packages but now that I only have like 9 months left on my mission please don't worry about sending me anymore packages. My luggage is super full with all the stuff I have received and with all the stuff I have bought.

I've run into a ton of people here in my area from my old areas. I ran into an old investigator at Taco Bell last Monday. Our zone had lunch there and while we were leaving he called out to me. There are hundreds of people who pass by around here so the chances of my seeing someone I knew from another area are high and low at the same time. I was overjoyed to see him again! He is still meeting with missionaries and seemed happy. 

Mom give grandma Daily my love and thank her for her concern and advice about the flea bite remedies. I am currently using several remedies and I bought some very pricey flea spray that has been helping a ton! I doubt we will get new beds since this spray is working so well. The beds aren't dirty, they are actually good beds for Guatemala.

Love you and give everyone my love!!
Elder Perez

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