Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 59: We Had a Baptism!!!!

So surprise, we had a baptism this Friday. A change or so ago my companion Elder DLC and his last companion sent in a request for the baptism of this little old lady. Wednesday, President Crapo called us with good news that she could be baptized. 

President Crapo invited us to schedule the baptism as soon as possible. After talking things over with the sister we agreed on Friday night for her baptism. You can only image how we passed the time those following two days. We were running around trying to organize a last minute baptism. We informed the old companion of Elder DLC and he was given permission to come and perform the actual baptism. We got another surprise that night when President Crapo arrived with his wife to share in the occasion. The service was wonderful, especially for being last minute. Sister Crapo played piano before the service to invite the spirit, and I was asked to play the two hymns for the service. Luckily I was given the choice of the hymns so I chose the two I have memorized. High On A Mountain Top, and God Be With You Till We Meet Again. They are not ideal songs for a baptism, but hey, at least it sounded good. 

I thought all the fun was over, when all of a sudden on Sunday the baptized sister asks me to confirm her as a member of the church. Well, I didn't know we could even do something like that as missionaries so I panicked a bit until my companion explained the process. I did well, I just mixed up the way I said a few things. (Prayers and blessings are given using the informal tense. I switched between formal and informal tenses throughout the blessing.)

Oh mom, you are too sweet to send packages, but honestly I can ask a member to print off the basic piano scales, and I'm not teaching ward members piano anymore. I hardly have time to practice the four hymns they give me week to week so I wouldn't have much use for more music anyway. 

In fact, I have gone over my possessions and I have come to the conclusion that I have way to many books. Like 30 lbs in book, most of which I never so much as open over this last year. Don't worry, I bought these books before the mission with my own money, but I need to give away some stuff to make lessen the weight of my luggage.

Send my love to the grandparents. I sure do miss them all. Hopefully I will have a Spanish accent by the time I come home so I can talk with Grandma Daily in Spanish. You know mom, maybe it's cousin Sam's long hair or his glasses... But I don't think we look anything alike! Maybe we share some facial traits though. I cut my hair like my companion. I will send photo soon. My side burns are pointed like famous soccer players from Spain. I can't say that I love the look, but it's on of the few things I can mix up here on the mission. 

Elder Perez before his mission

What Do You Think?
Do Elder Perez and His Cousin
Look Alike?

Oh good news, I finally used some US dollars I brought on my mission and exchanged it for quetzals here to buy some very much needed personal items. I had torn all of my pants to the point where they could no longer be sewed so I spent $40 for two very nice pants here and I still have the two suit pants. I also bought new shoes. They were relatively cheap and are durable, something I've been having trouble with when it comes to shoes, so I am a happy Elder now.

Thank you for the birthday wishes. We have a few fun things planned to celebrate the occasion. Other members of the ward share this month as there birthday. One sister's birthday is on the 3rd. I asked a local pinata place to make me a special pinata. I will send photos next week! 

Sure do love you all!
Elder Perez
Investigator who was baptized :)
President Crapo, Missionaries, Investigator, Elder Perez & Elder DLC
Sister Crapo with investigator
who was baptized.

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