Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 56: I Ate Beef Tendon Soup & my cheek started twitching involuntarily!

Thank you for sharing Sister P's and CJ's wonderful testimonies with me. It's always a great Sunday when it's fast and testimony Sunday! We had our second counselor and his wife share a very sweet testimony together this past Sunday. They lost there baby about a month ago, and as a result really distanced themselves from the church. They are back now though and really want to devote themselves to serving God in their hardship. I am trying to work up the courage to share my testimony one of these days. I think I will have a good chance to do so here soon seeing as the 2nd counselor asked me to give a 15 minute talk in two weeks. Well that's what I get for keeping quiet.

I was sick Thursday from a milkshake and some fruit I ate the morning before. We had actually done a very hard exercise that morning with a member and group of people. I worked hard to keep up and felt super tired after. I am sure as a result that my defense system was down. I am better now, but am a lot more cautious with what I am eating on the street. 

My companion and I went out to only one dinner appointment that Thursday. I had been drinking Gatorade and Jello all day so solid food sounded really good. Well when we arrived at the member's house, the aroma of the food made me so sick that I puked in the toilet. It was so embarrassing... after that I felt better and ate a small portion. The following day I was still sick but I did not puke. My companion made sure to call the sister missionary nurses and they told me just what to take. I am sure I got better so fast thanks to that. 

I'm serving in the central of Guatemala, the capital. The Guatemala White house is in my area (though the stone has turned green over time). It is all very beautiful and a member told me that the architecture was planned and modeled after Rome and European buildings.

My new companion is actually an old companion. We were together in a trio for two weeks. The famous Market Center is also in my area. The market has everything that is typical in the Guatemalan culture. It's all at somewhat affordable prices for locals, but somewhat overpriced for gringos. I'm going to have my companion buy me everything I want these next 5 weeks, and hopefully it will be cheaper. 

I actually love the food here. The only things I can't stomach are the meats we don't normally eat in the US, like the cows feet and tendons. 
Cow's Feet

Cow Tendons

I made the mistake of saying yes when offered tendon soup last week so I had no choice but to eat it all. Unfortunately, my face started involuntarily twitching with every bite. This made my host ask if I liked the food. I didn't want to offend her so I said, "Oh I love it", and swallowed the last bit of tendon. Yuck! But the typical tortillas they make fresh daily are oh so good, and the food is filling too! 

I found out that I have fleas in the bed I sleep in. Actually I didn't find more than one flea, but one flea is enough to explain all the bites I have all over my legs! 

As for cool investigators I do have one. This little old lady who the missionaries have been teaching for years on end. We will hear soon if she will be baptized!

Sure do love you all!
Elder Perez
We helped our landlord bring in his giant
growing banana bundle!
The banana trees get really big here.
I made Brownies One Night to Stave off the Cold

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