Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 55: It's Elder Perez's Companion's Birthday!!

This week we walked the boundaries of our areas which was surprisingly large. I feel so blessed to be in such a culturally rich area, the buildings still sit on their original foundation and exterior walls that are about 150 years old. My area includes where the president lives (or maybe where he works) We see a lot of tourists. Several Guatemaltecos talk with me in English. I like to think of myself as just blending in like a chameleon. Then some guy goes and blows my cover by shouting, "Hey, white boy!" I guess I'm not tan enough yet. 

The members in our ward are so very nice here. We are feed like at least 6 meals a week, either a lunch one day or a dinner the next. Some days we get lunch twice from different people and then a dinner from our investigator. Our belly are always full. 

Sometimes, when I have energy, I even make us breakfast! Like today, for instance my companion turns 21 years old, so I made him dad's omelet sandwich for breakfast. The one where you cut a circle in the toast to cook your egg in. I also cooked some Spam that I've been saving. I think it was a good breakfast. 

We have plans to go play pool somewhere as a zone and eat with a few members. I feel as if my companion will be getting a lot of cake and presents today. I will send you the photos next week. 

Love you,
Elder Perez
Happy Birthday Elder DLC!!
Comp Feels Like a Million
His girlfriend sent him a package in December for Christmas and it arrived on his birthday!
Playing Pool With Our Zone on P-Day

Steady Elder Perez
We Had a Blast!

Elder C and Elder Perez Played as A Team
We Made Some Good Shots!
I Missed This Shot

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