Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 54: Transferred to Zone 1 Central, Centro Historico, Guatemala City, Guatemala!

I am so sad to hear about Colin Couch’s death. He was a very good friend of mine while I was attending the singles ward. He was often going in for checkups and surgeries in those days as well. I hope his family is doing well. I think that his little sister was planning on serving a mission. I don’t know if she ended up going or not but my prayers will be with them.

I am now serving in Zona 1 Central, Centro Histórico, Guatemala City which is like the most wanted area to be in for all us missionaries. Tourist wise it is a must see because everything about the government is nearby and a giant market which has just about everything in it is actually in my area! My area also includes the mission office where my mission president lives (or maybe where he works). I feel so blessed to be in such a culturally rich area, the buildings have their original foundation and exterior walls from about 150 years ago. There are a lot of things to do here and I am always looking up at the buildings and the art work.

I am serving with Elder DLC, the Guatemalteco. I served with him in a trio for 15 days about 3 months ago. Anyways he is pretty fun and talks to me more than any of my other Latino companions. I'm kind of in shock right now because my Spanish is digressed (because I spoke too much English with my last companion). Understandably, Elder DLC is not to thrilled to re-teach me Spanish, but he does answer my questions. He is super funny. He even teaches me some local songs so I can practice my pronunciation. He is from a county outside of the city and is pure Guatemalan. Elder DLC and his companion had 3 baptisms just before I arrived so now we are on the search for new investigators. 
Elder Perez's Companion Elder DLC
This week we walked the boundaries of our area. My area is pretty small, but like I said, it's got a ton of things to do! I've seen more gringos (white) tourists here than anywhere else I've served. Making contacts on the street is hard because so many people come to visit that no one we talk to actually lives in our area. Several Guatemaltecos talk with me in English. I would like to think of myself as a chameleon who just blends in with the natives, but then some guy goes and blows my cover by shouting, "Hey, white boy!" I guess I'm not tan enough yet! 

I’m glad to hear that your progress is going well with reading the Book of Mormon dad. What a spiritually rich experience. I’ve been downloading some more general conference talks now and then to listen to throughout the week. 

Last time I talked with my last companion Elder H, it sounded like he was feeling better. I have a little bit of what he had so I asked him what remedies worked for him. 

Thursday the lights went out where we live. On Friday we had an electrician check out the problem. It took them like 5 hrs, but they finally fixed everything up. We helped out a little here and there but most of the time was spent waiting for material. 

I'm sad to hear of so many deaths. AJ Schlatter’s death  must have been hard on Evan. Please send him my best. 

Tres besos y un abraso de osos! 
(translation: Three kisses and one bear hug!)
Elder Perez
We Played Soccer with The Zone
I Made Two Goals!
By some weird stroke of luck I actually made two goals during the games. I don't know how I did it, but everyone was happy to see a gringo playing Latin football. 
Later we went to the Museo del Ferrocarril
The Train Museum
It made me think of how dad said he 
wanted to be a train engineer as a kid.
Old Steam Engine

Elder DLC taking a Selfie

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