Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 52: We Ended up Doing Great Things Despite My Companion Feeling Ill

We kept up with our missionary goals this week. It has been a little difficult and proved to be a challenge at times to meet them, what with my companion Elder H. being sick. I really feel for him because he gets very little sleep due to his skin condition, but the spiritual experiences we have shared together never have been stronger. My companions faith really impressed me and we ended up doing great things with those who were in town. 

We found a lot of new people at home in areas we had proselyted before with little success. It turned out to be a great time to meet these new families because everyone was home. We were able to schedule, with the majority of these families, weekends or specific days that would work for them for us to stop by and teach them. Now we have to plan out weekends and specific days to stop by when the whole family will be home so we can teach them.

I went on a division/split with a new Elder in my district last Friday and we had a great time. I went to his area where we actually found a lot of success. At first we ran into some guy from an American church service organization who tried talking us out of teaching or preaching the gospel here in Central America. He said other countries needed to hear about God but his country knew enough about God.

After that things really started going up hill, literally! We walked up to a football field and started teaching people at a nearby park. Later we contacted like 9 young men all ranging from 16 to 23 yrs old. Elder C. was very brave to want to talk with them, even though they laughed at our accents. We taught them lesson 2, about the plan of salvation. There were about four young men that seemed really interested.

At the end of the day we met an interesting Evangelical man. He wouldn't let us in his house at first but after 5 mins of talking at the door he invited us in and was very nice. He praised us for what we were doing and after an hour of teaching him he was alive with excitement about our message. The way he saw it we both believe many of the same things. He was thrilled to know that we are true Christians.

Over the weekend we were walking around our area looking for someone to teach, since our scheduled appointments fell through when were approached by a man who invited us to eat at a nearby restaurant. We were skeptical to accept the invitation. Even though he was persistent, we declined the invitation. He mentioned how his sister was Mormon and how he really didn't do things like invite Elders out to eat, but he had felt as if he should this time. In an effort to make conversation my companion asked what his sister's name was. Come to find out Elder H. knew this woman and had lived next door to her family in one of his previous areas. After that we went with him to eat and had a good discussion.

I guess the mission is going to have a world wide video conference this January 20th, (which just happens to be the same day as the birthday of Jared Petersen... give or take a day) anyway, will be sure to tell you all about that. I'm so glad that you all were able to listen to those voice recordings I sent you all for Christmas.

I am sorry to hear about dad's uncle Leo passing away. Please send my love and condolences to the family.

Elder Perez

Leo Legault
December 23, 1943 to January 9, 2016
The New Missionary
Elder C
Enjoying Guatemalan Soup
Giant Drop Off In Their Back Yard

Discovered a huge drop off and 
like curious boys we explored it.
Yikes!!! See Elder Perez's Shadow
He is way too close to the edge. He knows that
this freaks his mother out!
Loved This Hike!!

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