Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 51: Bringing In The New Year with Lots of Appointments!

I'm still serving in Guatemala City, the municipality of Mixco, our area is the neighborhood of Bosques de San Nicolás, and we attend the Nueva Florida Ward. Elder H. is still my companion, but we have transfers in 2 weeks and we are positive that one of us is leaving. They never leave 2 gringos (whities) together for long. My ward apparently has 600 members, but only like 270 attend, and they are all super super rich!

You asked if I have done any service for my companion. I've made my companion egg sandwiches for breakfast. He loves them and I have learned to follow the spirit even when its 20 minutes to 9 AM and even when I'm super tired!

Boy, do I miss snow. Though it has been a little chill over here lately, but with the sun beating down I really can't complain. What are the Elders like back in our home ward? I got a glimpse of one of them over Skype Christmas day. I really can't imagine serving in the states. 

You're so service minded dad, proud of you for salting the church side walks. Oh and believe me, I have gained weight. The food is just so cheap over here, dirt...but cheap and cookies and junk food is even cheaper. I think this next transfer I will finally start exercising better. 

I guess our mission is going to have a world wide video conference this January 20th, (which just happens to be the same day as the Jared Petersen's birthday... give or take a day). I will be sure to tell you all about that. 

I am so glad that you all were able to listen to those voice recordings I sent you for Christmas. I imagine work and school has started back up for you all by now huh?

Send my best wishes to brother Sowers and let him know that I'm on the hunt for some famous banana honey from here in Guatemala. Give grandma Daily my love as well, hope to visit her and the family in Texas soon after coming home next year.

Elder Perez
Bishop of Bosques Ward
And His Family
Member family we visited on New Year's day.

And Had A Gift Exchange

Typical Guatemalan Shirt
Given to me by this family.
Happy New Year!

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