Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Week 50: Our District Attended the Temple Today!

Skyping with Elder Perez on Christmas day 
was the favorite Christmas present for each of us in the Perez Family!!!
Sorry about not writing on Monday. They didn't give us a heads up. We didn't find out until Monday that our day to email was changing this week to Wednesday. Our zone went to the temple today. It was great! The week we go to the temple our p-day and day to email always changes to whatever day we end up going to the temple.

So I hear that Josh is officially off of the RM market. That makes me the oldest Perez Bachelor! My word, I feel as if I will be keeping that up for the next 3 yrs after the mission... But anyway, it was great talking with you all. Did you like the recordings I sent you all? I can explain anything that doesn't make since if you want.

I already have bought a 2016 calendar since I will be in Guatemala for all of 2016. I even have new years goals written down and with the Lord's help I will realize those goals.

Elder Perez
The temple nativity they had was cool!
We went to eat at Applebees 
after the temple session.

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