Monday, December 21, 2015

Week 49: Twas the Week Before Christmas

As far as Skyping on Christmas I am asking around. What we are thinking of doing is having a member or two lend us a computer or apple device. We'll see if they are the charitable type, lol. But we will be talking with you all from the stake center. Hopefully we will work out the area number so that I can call and give you a heads up, if not maybe you could be waiting on your Skype account, or sis's, or dad'like all day the 25 (patience is a virtue).

We haven't been back to the educated man's home yet. We should stop by next Saturday. They haven't let us back in their house due to the anti-Mormon stuff they read. Before they dropped us we did get a chance to respond to their concerns about the anti-Mormon stuff. It was mostly the husband who doesn't want his family listening to us. They used that reason to justify their searching out anti-Mormon stuff.

Well lets see, this week we got invited over by Zone 9 to eat a Guatemalan hot dog which is like the best thing on earth! Sorry, I didn't take a pic, it was huge and I was hungry. They call them "shucos" which literally means "dirty" in Guatemala. Then we had a ward Christmas party and our investigator came and hung out with us.
Guatemalan Hot Dogs, 
Que Ricos!!!
We both got sick by the end of the week after a hard week of work. We ended up teaching a ton of new people and a few families. We will see if they keep the follow up appointment. Teasing my companion about being sick was pretty fun for me, then the following day I got sick too so the jokes on me. I've been sick longer.

Our next door neighbor woke us up early one morning with a ton of fire-works going off outside of our front door. He's a jokester that one. So that's about my week, though I am feeling a lot better I still have an upset stomach from time to time.

Please have the family listen to the recordings I made you all before we talk Christmas because I tell you all a lot about the mission and you all can have questions ready for me to answer!! Hope you all are enjoying your holiday.

Give love to the family for me!!
Elder Perez
Ward Christmas Party With A Ton of Cake!
Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...
1st Gift Exchange!
Elder C. picked my name for our gift exchange and 
gave me the stocking sock I am wearing in the photo and candy barsA sister missionary picked his name and gave him a flute.
2nd Gift Exchange!
Elder LR from Chile picked my name and gave me 
the tie I wore for our Skype call Christmas Day.

A Friendly Game of Christmas Chess

 What will his next move be?
Elder Perez and a Young Man in the Ward
Guatemalan Fruit Cake
Guatemalan Fruit Cake with Punch!

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