Monday, December 14, 2015

Week 48: We Were Surprised While Knocking Doors ...

We have been in a lot of meetings lately for the mission and in the ward. That's taken a lot of time away from teaching, but we have brought several investigators to many of these activities. We had a stake Christmas party and watched the church broadcast too, which was awesome by the way. 

We actually arrived late to this activity due to a chance lesson we had with an investigator. Everything had fallen through that day, and we were in the neighborhood of a potential investigator. We knocked on his door. A man opened the door, greeted us, and invited us to eat lunch with him and his family. We were surprised because that does not happen often. We had a great time, he really is an intellectual so the conversation was great. We were able to challenge his family to pray to know what path to take in life. His sons are our age so their dad encouraged them to find God for themselves.

The weeks work went by a little fast for us due to all the ward activities and the multi-zone meeting we had. But we still found success with some of our progressing investigators. One family in particular who had been attending church with us for the last two weeks got a little scared after reading anti-Mormon literature on the web. They were about to give us the Book of Mormon back when our accompanying member bore strong testimony to the family and we explained some of the doctrine that had concerned them. They didn't make it to church this week though, but we are not giving up on them.

Answers to your questions:
  • Lets see, good things... We watched Frozen as a mission Friday, it was the Mission President's gift so that was really cool. It was in Spanish of course, but I really enjoyed it! Everyone freaked out when there was a kissing scene which made me laugh. 
  • The weather is still sunny as ever and on occasion pretty hot, but now at night and every morning it is surprisingly cold!
  • My companion and I still get along great!
  • Sorry mom, the Walmart here doesn't accept moneygrams, only a local bank does. Don't worry about it though, all my clothes are really clean and will last throughout the next year.
  • As far as Grandma & Grandpa Perez's money they gave me for Christmas, please deposit it in my checking account so that way I won't be broke when I get home, lol. Thanks grandma & grandpa!!
  • Don't worry about sending white shirts. The local tiendas (stores) sell used clothes for dirt cheap, including short sleeve white shirts.
Thank you for your encouragement to be obedient mom, always a good thing to do.

I love you all,
Elder Perez

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