Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 47: The Christmas Broadcast was Awesome

I kind of knew that Lexie would have a boy. Call it a missionary sense if you will. How very exciting!!! I bet they are overjoyed to have a third addition to their family. I can't wait to meet the little guy!
So, how is Lex recovering? You said that Michael, Lexie and kids are going to Idaho, does that mean they won't be at y'all's house for Christmas? Aww, well I guess you all can listen to the ipod recordings I sent you before they leave. That way all of you will have be up to speed on my last few months in the mission field so we can spend our time on the phone talking about current events.

Well lets see, fun story... For the Christmas broadcast we had a lot of less actives come. We also had a potential investigator and her kids surprise us by coming to the church nearly two hours before the broadcast. I was blown away because we invited them to come but since we had never taught them the chances of them actually coming were so very slim. I loved listening to the choir sing, especially since all of our music has been banned and all my fun Christmas songs are not allowed (that’s why I sent you my iPod with the recordings of me talking to all of you.)

Love you all!!
Elder Perez

Elder H. and Elder Perez with an investigator.

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