Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 46: Dia de Gracias - Thanksgiving in Guatemala

Thanksgiving was good, didn’t really do the feast thing, but still it was fun. I now have a ton of food storage thanks to Walmart though. I have mac and cheese and spam (really rare to find here kinda food).

People in the ward are really opening up to us and we are being feed a lot lately, so I’m happy. My companion and I are a little scared that we might get changed here the 7th of December, which would be a bummer. I am super excited for Lexie to have her baby!!! Thoughts and prayers are with you Alexis!

I contacted a guy named "Elder Perez" a few days ago, that was weird. He didn’t want to listen to us so that was unfortunate but here’s a few cool stories though, so my companion and I were looking in the area book for old investigators with potential and we came across a man who'd gone to church like 5 times which is rare. So we passed by that night and a the man who greets us is the very same old investigator. He was super excited to see us and let us in right away. He explained how he had some legal problems which is what kept him from being baptized, but he always wanted to be. We'll see what we can do for him, he is very promising after all. 

Another contact we made was amazing, which is that we knocked on a door and gave the normal door approach, then they let us in and we taught them. Tranquillo (cool) right? We invited them to go to church with us that Sunday out of habit, and they said they would. That was super surprising for me because most people don't do that. Well they came, it was super cool. They even paid for a taxi to bring them.We had offered to have a member take them but they said no. That’s all for now.

Elder Perez
Lot's of Good Food
Mission life on Thanksgiving!
A Minion Piñata
Spoils from the Minion Piñata
Egg Nog!!
Egg Nog, fries, and a hamburger! Yum!!
There is a lot to be thankful for!

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