Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 43: We Have Been Sick All Week

That is so very crazy! I totally forgot about cousin Josh coming home off his mission this week. What must he be feeling right now? My word, give him a hug for me.

My new companion has been out on his mission like a year and 3 months while I have been out 10 months. Spokane, Washington is where he hails from. It’s probably not quite as close as I think it is.

We had been speaking English nonstop last week because we were bed ridden the entire week. My companion got super sick the first three days of the week and I was sick the last four days of the week. We were playing board games all week long and just talking.

I was super sick that day!
Elder H took a ton of photos of me and hit me with his light saber. I guess he got the last laugh because I teased him earlier in the week when he was sick.
Sunday, we finally felt well enough to actually go out and get to work. The first contact we made I sounded so white it was sad. We were kind of freaking out because of how fast Spanish goes. We want to devote more time to studying Spanish, more for my sake than anything. My companion has been helping me a lot with verbs and other language struggles I have. It seems that I gain a new outlook on my Spanish abilities with each new companion I have. As for this one, well I know for sure just how much I lack. He is good about correcting me all the time. He told me that he does it because as a kid he had troubles speaking and his speech therapist was always correcting him. He hated that, but it got him to fix his English. His Spanish is really good so he is a good example to me.

I sure do love you all, sorry I didn’t have any inspiring stories this week, but we really were in the house all week so there is not much to tell. I will let you know if we have any successes next week. We are basically starting over with the area once again but we’ve been having a good time working together.

Elder Perez
We see funny stuff in public restrooms.
It made me laugh.


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