Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 37: I Gave a Talk at Church

Thanks for the update and your encouraging words. My mission president is pretty busy this week with conferences as well as with the new rules he is enforcing on the mission. It’s for our benefit, but things are a lot stricter now (some of the Elders going home got caught disobeying rules so we are all in trouble for their decisions). It doesn’t bother me though.

Let’s see, what food do I eat. I eat a lot of tortillas as well as frijoles (beans) and chicken. Personally, I cook a lot of pasta like spaghetti and mac and cheese. Members feed us rice and what not. Ha, ha, they don’t often sell whole pigs for eating, but hey I have friends in Hawaii that do stuff like that.

My day to day routine is a lot of talking to people in the streets and knocking on doors, asking if people want to know more about Jesus. Sometime I teach people, other times I don’t. I am always walking, and walking and walking.

The talk I gave was soooooo very stressful. Awww! my word I was so unprepared. They gave me the topic Friday night (as if I have all the time in the world to write a talk in two days). 

The topic was honoring our moral standards and they attached a conference talk in Spanish for me to review. Lol, they are so sweet trying to help me out but I am a poor Spanish reader. Luckily I have been listening to nearly all the priesthood sessions from 1994 to present day to better understand my purpose as a missionary. Once I started reading the talk I recognized it as one I had listened to not too long ago so that helped a ton. Sunday came and I did my best, I took up the whole 15 minutes, but that’s just due to how slow I read (I quoted 2 scriptures and a paragraph from this talk). All in all it went well and I was given sweet compliments like, “Your talk was very inspiring Elder Perez" or “I was so impressed with your Spanish.”

Elder Perez

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