Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 35: We Have Two Baptisms Scheduled for Next Saturday

This week was a little challenging for me as I came to the realization that I have been more of a burden then an aid to my companion (as far as lessons go). A few conversations with some friends in the ward brought me to this conclusion as I discovered that my Spanish is not as good as I think it is. These close friends broke it to me gently but it still was a blow for me. I am saddened to think that half of everything I say is either misunderstood or gibberish at best. Well needless to say I have renewed my commitment to continue to study Spanish and I really want to see a giant progress in my Spanish during this exchange. I have asked Elder C for an hour allotment of time to study language daily. I will let you know how I do.

Mom, congratulations on your new calling as a temple worker. What a great opportunity that will be.

Okay quickly just to let you know what’s been going on. Today we have “La Antorcha” which is like a marathon for Guatemala since tomorrow is their day of independence and all. We don’t get to participate in the marathon but at least we can watch the runners go by. Later on tonight we have a ward activity we do get to participate in and I think it has to do with “La Antorcha” as well.

Besides that the week has been a little stressful. Good stressful though because we have two baptisms scheduled for next Saturday and we are wrapping up the final discussions. Of course with every baptism comes the investigators personal worries and what not, so that’s been going on too. Quick story so we ran into a man the other day who speaks English (what joy, what joy) he insisted we speak in English to help him practice so we did just that. I heard my companion struggle with English and could see myself in his shoes right then. It was a good reminder to keep trying as well as the importance of patience on his part with me. So that was a nice treat. Anyway loves you a ton, hope you all enjoy Lauren’s birthday and give my love to her and a kiss for dad since I wasn’t able to wish him a happy birthday last week.

Elder Perez

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