Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 34: My Companion is Blessed with Great People Skills

Glad to hear that you and dad, Alexis’s family and Aunt Lainie’s family got to go camping at Silver Falls State Park. Sorry to hear about those college guys who were drunk and kept everyone up. Some people drop to the lowest common denominator due to peer pressure. Oh my word, reading about those two close calls with my nephews, one almost being hit by an SUV and the other almost setting a pine tree on fire made my heart race! AWE thank heavens they are okay. Ha, ha love the headline you envisioned too, “Biggest National Park Fire in the Northwest and It’s All the Perez’ Fault."

I have been very impressed with my companion’s people skills. I don’t know how he does it but someone can straight up say, I don’t think I want to listen to the discussions anymore. And he’s just like, are you sure? He is very blessed with a great love of people and others really seem to feel that love.

Something interesting happened Sunday that made me think about how to deal with my ongoing challenge of expressing my faith in Christ in Spanish. Elder C and I arrived early at church yesterday, 30 minutes early to be exact. This is very uncommon for us and was a nice treat. I decided to play prelude music on the piano for the ward since we usually just listen to the hymns on audio anyway. Of course I was a little rusty and only played the hymns I knew, but I was happy to be doing so and it felt nice to play again after so long. Finally we started sacrament meeting and only then did the bishop announce the hymns. I thought to myself, better not push my luck, so I sat down expecting that we would sing the hymns without accompaniment like we always do. Then the conductor waved me down. I explained I didn't like playing for the ward without practicing first and that I just couldn't do it without knowing the hymns. (I had asked the bishopric for the hymns at least 3 days before Sunday to practice for them but each week, as is custom here, no one knew what the hymns would be). Anyway he assured me I could do it and so I gave in and played my best with only the right hand. Now I made a lot of mistakes during the hymns but I remembered how in my last ward I was blessed each time I played for the ward (it seemed as if the hymns got a little easier each time perhaps for the practice of sight reading). Anyway maybe that's all I need is to just open my mouth as God commanded Moses to do, as well as Jeremiah and just do the best I can do.

Love you a ton,
Elder Perez

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