Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 33: We Don't Need to be Perfect to Pray and Read the Scriptures

District and zone meetings always are great fun, just yesterday our zone had a very inspiring reunion where I felt a renewed sense of confidence in my ability to contact and teach effectively. Our last district meeting we did an activity called “Christ is the Reason”. Or I think that’s it in English, no se... But it was great. We all closed our eyes while our district leader read out load the activity. It helps you imagine and understand Christ’s love for you individually and Elder C and I have already used this very activity in several of our lessons with members.

We ran into a young man the other day who is very intuitive and a great listener (especially when it comes to my turn to share). His mother is a member of six years more or less and this is his first time listening to Elders. Just yesterday we stopped by for our next appointment to find him a little unsure if he wanted to continue listening to us. I was unsure what to do but my wise companion was persistent and refused to go without knowing why. He told us he didn’t feel worthy to read, nor pray and boy did we have an answer for that problem. Elder C shared two inspired scriptures which changed this young man’s mind. Great experience, loved being part of it.

The week has gone by with some new investigators and a lot of prayer. I have been reading a lot of talks as well as scriptures. We had a multi mission conference with Elder Nelson the doctor one and it was great, although we only got to listen over broadcast because he was in El Salvador. Our zone has a temple trip this Thursday morning.

Ha, ha, awe that’s too funny that Elizabeth Steele said that she met some Latin missionaries in her mission that were in the Guatemala Missionary Training Center with me. I am glad to hear that they all said they really liked me. Honestly, I don’t remember one of their names. How sad is that!!! I was trying to make friends with all of the Latinos during my time in the Missionary Training Center that I never did memorize one of their names. I feel so bad. I only remember Robin who I gave one of my sets of Batman & Robin socks to. He is in a neighboring mission here in Guatemala.

Love you all and thanks so much for your prayers support and emails,

Elder Perez
PS Tell Elizabeth Steele I say hi, and good luck with school this January

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