Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 32: Obeying the Rules and Working Hard

It was no big deal to throw a birthday party for Elder T, we all put it together, not just me. Had fun doing it too because we pulled a little prank on Elder T (we all carried him into the bathroom as if to give him a swirly. I was carrying his upper half and it was all in good fun, we didn’t actually give him a swirly though.

Thanks for the home town update, I didn’t think Oregon was getting hit with that same heat wave as CA gets from time to time, yikes it must be a little frightening being so close to those wildfires. Glad to hear the wards doing good! I just got a letter from CTR 5 it was a sweet surprise that came with three hand drawn pictures. I wrote the reply today and sent a picture of the first page of the letter to Lexi in hopes that she could forward it to Sister Rice.

My companion and I are obeying the rules and working hard. We do have a good little group of investigators we have been working with, but not many are progressing. We have found a few new people however who seem to be interested in our message, one 16 year old girl whose boyfriend is a return missionary. Can’t say I am thrilled to be teaching them since they are very much in a honey moon state of mind. We are teaching her the best we can and are trying to help her make this decision for herself and for the right reason (kind of hard when her boyfriend is holding her hand all throughout each lesson).

We started out the day late as a zone so we have less time to write you all... Stressful!!! But say hi to everyone for me and congratulate Brother Sean Hawkins on his knew calling for me.

Much love,
Elder Perez
Just got a new haircut.
We like your hair cut Elder Perez
A member from the Alameda ward that met up
with Elder Perez when he first arrived in Paraiso

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