Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 28: Great Zone Conference!

Things here in Zacapa have been a little busy as of late. We had a really great zone conference with our Mission president and his wife. It was very instructive and he said things that we all needed to hear. President Crapo challenged us to sacrifice bad habits, things of the world, and to become "Men of God". Our mission is doing a fast for 40 days. Not from food, we are supposed to give up those things that keep us from being the best missionaries we can be.

My companion and I contacted a ton of people the first day of the week, like double the goal we all have in our zone. Now all we have to do is keep up with the appointments we have next week. I sat a few of the teens down that we teach and explained the plan of salvation to them with the whole picture method. Drew the cloud for pre-earth life, a world for our life now, a grave and sad face for death and sins, and the sun, moon, and stars for the degrees of glory. It helped keep them engaged. We had a good discussion about it. Elder T does a lot of good things for us and I appreciate him for that. These past two transfers we have practically shared everything from clothes down to food (just a few shirts mind you, not the whole wardrobe).

Things are certainly changing with the summer months here in Guatemala. We have a few tourist coming in every once in a while, and so everyone's in a buzz city side with selling things and offering deals. Its super awesome for me since I know what the price is normally so I don't end up paying too much. 
(Internet picture)
Guatemalan Street Vendor
(Internet picture)
Guatemalan fruit
I have come to love the changing seasons because of the fruit here. Peaches just started arriving here and so it is a sweet treat for me to eat now and then. That's one thing that is super cool here, we have just about every fruit, all at the peak of ripeness and when one fruit goes out of season a new one comes in.

As far as food goes there is always a new dish someone offers to us (and the members do feed us on occasion). Bishop today and few others every other day. This week money ran short early so the meals from members were really a blessing. But boy was I surprised when a long awaited refund from the mission office came in today. It happens to just cover our food and bus for the rest of the week. So all's well that ends well I suppose.

I am glad that you, dad and Krysten were able to visit your family in Texas mom, and that you were able to spend good quality time with all of your siblings. It sounds like it was a blast! I must say I am very impressed with the hard work and determination you three had to help out Grandma Daily fix up her house a bit. I am sure that she is oh so grateful for that as well as for the visit. 

Airport Flight board..Haha, I was not aware that all eyes were on Guatemala, I guess Id better keep my head up just in case I run into anyone I know.
We told Elder Perez that we spotted this flight board during our 3 hour lay over at the Houston airport. We were tempted to stow away and come visit him.
I too have felt a bit of the cleaning bug in the air this last week and with the hope of receiving a new refrigerator and microwave soon I have really deep cleaned the house, including the dishes, counters, appliances, and bedroom. I have not started the bathroom yet, which is the dirtiest thing I have seen in a while. Maybe I will attack it this week.

I am super glad that you, dad, Alexis and the kids made it home safely from sis’s BYU-I graduation. Wouldn’t you know it, running out of gas in Idaho, figures huh? It has happened to me like three times, so I can relate.
Your sister's BYU-Idaho graduation!
She earned her Bachelors in Public Health.
Sorry to hear about cousin’s husband having an emergency appendectomy. I will be sure to pray for them.

I will keep you up to date on everything and I hope you all will enjoy the rest of your summer together. I sure do love you all, thanks for your prayer, letters, and love.

My prayers are with you,

Elder Perez

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