Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 27: Talking Things Out Brings Peace

This week has been a real spiritual booster for me. My district leader and I went on divisions/splits last Friday and it did us wonders. Over these last few months we have had some misunderstandings between the two of us which had caused much unneeded stress and hurt feelings between us. Luckily this division really cleared things up. I had been sick all of last week, and had been really feeling lousy over the weekend. Elder Y and I had the chance to study together and during companionship study we discussed the friction that had built up between us. We immediately felt peace between us at the end of our talk, it turns out that we had both been making assumptions and were never confronting what was at the heart of our problem. We have come to an understanding and I have a lot of hope for our district now that we have talked things out. We are both looking forward to tomorrow’s zone conference. Love you all.

Elder Perez

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