Monday, June 29, 2015

Week 25: The Kids Scream out Gringos!

Things have been good here in the Reforma and we are seeing an increase in interest for our message. Elder T and I started tracting the higher parts of the Frogua mid-week and asked a bunch of the kids playing out and about to help us find their parents so we could talk with them. Those boys and girls ran back to their homes to see if their family was there and then come running back with a report. We actually we able to talk to a few good families this way, and now every time we walk up towards that little part of the neighborhood the kids scream out "Gringos!" and then tells us if their parents are home yet. ("Gringos" term used to refer to US citizens) Boy how I wish everyone had the energy these little guys have, including me. My companion and I sure are grateful for the new families’ interest in us and we are eager to see their progress.

Elder T and I have really started to become creative chefs and it seems as if our daily noodles or beans always have a different flavor, but in a good way. As I have said before cooking and sharing things has really strengthened our companionship, there is no worry about who has to pay for what nor who has to clean what. We both pitch in when need and keep things neat and clean.

Elder Perez

Happy Fourth of July!
I wore a conservative yet patriotic American flag tie
and so I had to take a pic

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