Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 24: It Was a Treat to Bear My Testimony In English This Week

In my area we have had a lot of cool experiences tracting, including two times where some men came up to me speaking English. It has been cool talking with them in my native language and bearing testimony in English. It is a treat I don’t always get to enjoy. 

I am finding out how hard being a ward/(congregation) pianist can be. We arrive at church right at 9 am, I have maybe 2 minutes to look over the hymns they pick and then I try my best at playing. So far no one has complained to me, so that’s a good sign.

My health is okay, people are saying I am looking a little pale, and every mother we talk to gives me health and safe eating advice. Our Refrigerator broke down two days after I painstakingly cleaned it all out, so maybe that has something to do with it. I am still cooking my own food, but we are limited to noodles and beans for now. Someone is coming to fix the fridge soon. I am hungry and thirsty for eggs and cold water!

My companion is great but quiet. He and I always joke around, but other than jokes we really don’t talk much, mostly because I am still bad at small talk or anything that doesn’t have to do with the gospel when speaking Spanish

I really hope you have the happiest of birthdays tomorrow mom! I will send you a birthday video here soon!! Sorry, I didn’t get to write much, I have a sugar headache from eating candy for breakfast today, bad idea and it makes it hard to type to you all. I will write more next week!!

Much love and kisses!
Your son,
Elder Perez

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