Monday, June 15, 2015

Week 23: We Spoke to A Bus Driver and His Family about the Restoration

We have really seen a lot of rain here in La Reforma these past few days. Despite some small flooding in La Frogua it is a nice surprise to see rain again. Although when it rains back home it is usually cold, as for here it somehow remains hot even with the rain.

My companion and I have really been cleaning house as of late from top to bottom as well as working hard out in the field. We had had some difficulties with contacting the desired 10 people a day in past weeks, but we have really made an effort to meet this goal. Still not quite there yet, but I have seen the blessing of speaking more with others I would normally not talk to.We contacted a bus driver and his family on the way home and we even were able to teach a little bit about the Restoration. He seemed happy to have the conversation after a long day of driving and said he would be glad to see us again another time. Since he dropped off his family before us we will be able to visit them soon next week seeing as they all live in our area. 

Dad, I am so sorry to hear you had to go through all that pain with pneumonia! I am glad the doctors are getting you back up in health. I will keep the family in my prayers, and thank you for yours!

Send mom my love; tell her I will respond to her email next week. Time seems to fly when you’re writing emails. Never enough time.

Love you a ton!
Elder Perez
(Internet picture)
Elder Perez says that he and his companion have had to hold onto the outside of the bus like these young men. That looks dangerous!
Elder Perez found a wasp's nest. He used his mad bee keeping skills to remove the nest.
Mmm wasps nest, must be a Guatemalan delicacy
Abandoned Old House
Abandoned old house with Elder Perez in it.
Wow, beautiful skies and so green.
Gorgeous and green like Oregon.
Guatemalan roaches are HUGE!! 
Look at those spikes on his lower abdomen. Yikes!

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