Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 21: The Plan of Salvation can be Compared to a Soccer Match

I have been working hard on teaching with the spirit as well as keeping our study environment and house clean. It is a little overwhelming at times but I receive strength every time I read the scriptures.

As for our progress here in La Reforma, we have been hard at work. The days are hot, but the lessons are spiritual. We have several investigators of other denominations and I have been able to bear testimony to them of the joy this gospel brings as well as how it can strengthen our faith in Christ. Most receive this news very well and agree to investigate more. 

My Spanish is still basic at best and I struggle with explanations in greater detail. But I have found that if I give examples fit to the person I can explain in simple words deeper doctrine. One lesson just this past Sunday with a less active family gave me such confidence in my Spanish. We were reviewing the plan of salvation and had gone through all the points of the lesson. Ending with the degrees of glory my companion turned to me. I thought for a second and realized that we had been talking for several minutes and I could tell we sounded like a broken record to them. Here they were members who knew all of this, but had just gotten a little lost along the way. They needed more, but how could I express myself properly to them? I asked their 22 year old son what his favorite sport was, he replied foot of course! I began to then give them an example of how the plan of salvation could be compared to soccer match with another team. How would you and your friends feel if one day a professional team came and challenged you to a match, unprepared right? But if that same team told you that in a year or two they would come to challenge you then your friends would have an opportunity to practice and prepare for that day. The plan of salvation is just such a challenge and when we understand and put it into practice we can live life knowing we will be ready for our end goal.

You are all in my prayers,
Elder Perez

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