Monday, May 25, 2015

Week 20: I Was Able to Testify that This Life is Only the Beginning

It has started to rain occasionally over here, which is a blessing for those of us from Oregon, namely Elder K and I. I have always felt closer to God through nature and have begun to notice other proofs of his presence here in La Reforma.

My companion and I recently tracted into a family who has distant relatives that are member of the church. They are welcoming and the mother in particular enjoys listening to our messages. We invited her to baptism a few days ago and she said that if when she read the Book of Mormon and came to know it to be true then she would be baptized.

Another great experience we had was with an elderly woman we have been seeing. We had hardly begun chatting with her when she broke out in tears about the death of her husband years ago and how she wished she could have had a family with him. I was able to testify that this life is only the beginning and that she will be with him again. My companion also testified that she would be able to one day have a family and have her wish come true. It is amazing how God works through us. As challenging as a mission is the rewards far outweigh the trials. And even with my own difficulties and questions God always seems to find time to let me know he cares. For me that little rain storm was it.

Love you all,
Elder Perez
Elder K is a true Oregonian, admiring a fern!

Two Oregonians in Zacapa, Guatemala

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