Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 19: I am serving in La Reforma Zona 2 Zacapa, Guatemala!

I am serving now in La Reforma 2 of Zacapa, Guatemala about 3 hours from the city and capital where I started out. I figured it would be hot and even a little humid here in Zacapa, but I never would have guessed I would be constantly soaked in my own sweat; truly it is hot over here. We live in a very nice place and my companion is from Hondurous. He is a very, very, very patient and quiet person. He works hard and does his best and all that. Despite the heat and being sweaty all the time I am loving the ward, and my companion and I are working hard. Because of the heat, cold showers are so very relaxing that they have truly become one of my favorite parts of the day.

The ward is very small compared to the others I have served in, but there devotion is almost stronger due to the lack of helping hands. We have a very hard working counselor serving the bishop as well as filling in for ward mission leader. He also teaches two of our classes on Sundays. For a man his age he sure has been serving beyond the call of duty. This is inspiring to see and makes me want to serve all the harder. 

My companion Elder T and I are getting along well. I am thankful my Spanish has been improving because we have had some fun discussions over the last few days. I was impressed that I should begin making meals at the house for both my companion and I this last week. The meals are nothing extravagant and sometimes they lack in flavor, but Elder T. always eats what I make him and he has been helping out by washing dishes. We are planning on sharing food for this exchange and I have the goal to make us at least 3 meals a week. As far as my studies go I have been able to gather up the Liahona magazines for the last 4 or 5 years of general conference. I don't know when I will be able to read them all but it was a pretty exciting thing for me.

As far as the missionary work goes I have found that the people are a lot different here then they are inside the capital. Nearly everyone lets us in to teach, which is nice, but they aren’t always interested in what we have to say. We have taught lessons where even with inspired questions the investigator doesn’t say a word. This is not the case with everyone though and these are new challenges I am looking forward to overcoming.

Much love,
Elder Perez

Elder Perez and his companion Elder T
Zacapa District Missionaries

Elder Perez says,  I want one!
Not in our house son. Your father and I draw the line at having pets that can eat us.

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