Monday, May 11, 2015

Week 18: We Had a Great Ward Missionary Activity. Surprise, Transfers Again...

(Elder Perez had to pack for transfers today so he just forwarded his letter to his mission president. He was able to Skype with us yesterday for Mother's Day. It was so wonderful to see him and tell him in person that we love him).

President Crappo,

I must say, Elder Y and I were pretty surprised to find out that we both received transfers, especially Elder Y. He has a true love for the people here in Campo Marte and all the members and many of our investigators are sad to see us go. But I am confident that the good we have done here will leave an impact on those members and others. We had a ward (congregational) activity and it turned out really well. We had three different classes for the activity. One was on the Plan of Salvation, one on the First Vision and the last class was on the Restoration of the Gospel and the Book of Mormon. We split up the ward into two groups and had them go from class to class to learn how we can apply and teach others these fundamental principles. Elder Y and I had a local carpenter make us a little arch with a keystone for a good Book of Mormon example. It turned out great and we all enjoyed the activity.

Mother's day was very nice, being able to talk with my family for the first time on the mission actually reminded me of the importance of making the best of these two years. I saw all of my siblings and there lives progressing in different directions and I thought to myself "I will never have another opportunity quite like this, I had better work hard here and worry about the rest of my life after my mission...everything will work out." This was very comforting and helped me recommit to working even harder here on the mission. I am sad to say goodbye to Elder Y and all my new friends and investigators here in Campo Marte, but I am optimistic for my next area and excited to serve.

Thanks as always,

Elder Perez
Elder Perez, Elder Y & ward member in the Plan of Salvation Class. They really went the extra mile on this activity. Very impressive!

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