Monday, May 4, 2015

Week 17: I was Transfered, Now Serving with Elder Y in Campo Marte, Guatemala Zone 5

This week was a lot better, thanks for your concern and support for me and thank you all for your prayers for them (the family whose husband & father took his life last week).You and everyone else’s prayers mean a lot to me. I am grateful for my mission president. He called me last week to see how I was doing. I look forward to interviews with him at the end of exchanges.

I have a new companion, Elder Y from Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico, and I am now serving in Campo Marte in Zone 5. Elder Y and I are getting along great and with luck I will improve my Spanish enough to be an aid in lessons more than a crutch, though I do participate as much as I can. Elder Y. is such a good teacher; no one argues with him, he just explains things so clearly. I really admire that about him. It is a little overwhelming to be in a whole new area all of a sudden and at times I feel completely lost but the ward (congregation) is so kind and very welcoming. They all seem very interested in helping with the work. On top of that my district (the missionaries who serve in the surrounding areas) is very fun. Elder Y. and I are happily involving several members with our (investigator) visits, and a new convert in particular aided us in inviting a young man to be baptized. He has a fetcha (baptismal date) for the beginning of next month. As for myself spiritually, I am feeling much closer to God as I branch out my (Spanish) vocabulary into my prayers. Elder Y. has helped me with that and I can see my Spanish really improving.

We have seen that movie (Meet the Mormons) twice, once in English and the next time in Spanish. Very good, I like it better in Spanish though. And that’s a "no" on the package (he didn't receive our birthday package to him), but Elder S. said his parents sent him one like Christmas and he didn't get it till like 3 or 4 months later.

I am excited to talk with all of you as well (mother's day call), just as long as you don’t start talking to me in Spanish, we can do that Christmas but not mother’s day. I want to understand everything that you all are saying. I most likely will Skype you all in a member’s home, but don’t worry about anything I will call you before to work out all the details; they said that we can do that. Sunday morning we are at church from 7 am till 1 pm for ward counsel, church and all that. More than likely we will call you guys in the night like around seven or so your time. I am not sure cuz they have not told us anything, but that is usually when we have free time after we teach... love you all. I will call to work out everything Sunday!!

Much love,
Elder Perez
My new companion tried to prank me by putting tape across the door of the shower and when I came out I saw it, but decided to run through it anyway so he would feel better about it. We had a good laugh.

 Elder Perez eating with his new district.
Pizza is always a missionary favorite!
Salud! Good Health!

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