Monday, April 27, 2015

Week 16: This Week Has Been an Emotional Roller-coaster - A Death then a Baptism

What a crazy week it has been. By far this has been the top emotional roller-coaster of a week yet for us. 

Wednesday Elder S printed off a picture of sis, that mom posted on my mission blog, just to tease me. We began to wrestle for the photo. Elder S took 2nd place in wrestling for state and practically kicked my butt. But I got the picture from him, threw it out the window and held my ground keeping him locked inside. He couldn't get past me. It was really fun, super playful and chill and gave me a great feeling of brotherly bonding. I am grateful that President Crapo paired Elder S. and I together, I do not know if I would have learned as much from any other trainer my first twelve weeks.

We had to drop one of our very dear family investigators because the man would not commit to anything, nor would he attend the programs or alcoholics anonymous to overcome his drinking problem. It was super sad, my companion made me drop them and explained that if I can stop teaching a family that we are really close to then I can stop teaching anyone who isn't progressing. It was good for me, but it was super sad.

Friday came and with it some very sad news. One of our less actives who we had been working with closely had been missing for almost a month. That morning we received a call that his body had been found in a nearby water tank, most likely suicide. It was very disheartening news especially for me. We had been with him the night he went missing. He asked me for a blessing and I timidly gave him one. I had never blessed anyone before, let alone in Spanish. But the words came and I tried my best to bless him according to the Spirit. To discover that soon after he took his own life made my heart sink. We attended and spoke at the funeral and gifted his wife and family a few pictures we had taken of them just a month earlier at church. It was such an overwhelming experience, and then that to be followed by the baptism and confirmation of an convert. Really, I just don’t know how to feel exactly. 

Much more happened throughout the week, but these events are still heavy on my mind. 

Love you tons,
Elder Perez
Elder Perez, Convert, Elder S
First Baptism of Elder Perez's mission

Elder S. performed the baptism
Elder S. goes native 
Elder Perez, Guatemalans, Elder S.

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